IGY Marina & Textron

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Selected Transaction – Example of Debt Restructure: Senior Debt from Banorte (BMV: GFNORTE O) to refinance IGY´s debt obligations


  • Global leader in the marine management industry needed to obtain financing to pay their commitments to Textron, who granted a credit for the purchase of Marina Cabo San Lucas, the largest marina in Mexico​.

PC Capital’s Role

  • Performed a competitive process with commercial banks, multilateral funds and private equity funds in order to obtain the necessary financing​.
  • Completed a Valuation of the assets to provide an opinion of value for the closing with Banorte​.

The competitive process allowed IGY to get the best conditions for its refinancing.


  • Getting multiple letter of intents in order to grant funding to IGY​.
  • Asset valuation Marina Cabo San Lucas for the closing with Banorte.